Advert Rates



1. Social Media Post:

This features any information you want the general public to know about your business, product or upcoming event.

Materials needed include: A picture/flyer/video clip and a very short write up with all contact details; website, phone numbers, email addresses, facebook, twitter etc.

Fee= N50, 000


2. Event Coverage:

This features an exclusive coverage of your event by Prolific team.

A photoplay of your event will be exclusively published on Prolific Reporters.

Please contact us on 08022346422 for further details.


2. Event Advertorials:

This features detailed pictures from your event.

Materials needed include: pictures and description.

Fee= N100, 000


3. Video Advertorials:

This features video of your event or product advertorial.

Fee = N100, 000


4. Logo Adverts

Materials needed: Company logo artwork in png, jpeg, flash, gif formats

Advert sizes include:

• LeaderBoard– N200, 000.00 for 4weeks (a long banner Ad across the top part of the page)

• Large Rectangle- N150, 000.00 for 4 weeks (a rectangle Ad placed on the right part of the page)

• Large Square- N120, 000.00 for 4weeks (a rectangle Ad placed on the right part of the page)


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