The poet, Ahunna Ejiogu, expresses the Naivety of Africans, which suffocates in-between Western Needs and their Aids…

African’s dependency, portrayed by the ‘giving hands’ of the West is a Deceit.

And while Africa receives foreign aids, staying eternally grateful to the West; the Fact lurks beneath the surface of Africa’s vulnerability…

FACT IS: The West are the real beggars who hide under “giving foreign aids” to milk Africa’s natural resources; of which, they would have become NOTHING without the magnanimity of African’s Wealth/Support.





African minerals

 is Western ambition

 from history

 of colonial slavery

 to modern technology

 of blind Africa

 bullied by beggars

 of modern debacle


 African minerals

 rocks and artifacts

 worthier than

 souls of West

 from gold reserves

 to barrels of oil

 that drown

 the ghosts of West

 is the reason

 for Western fetish

 for African gourmandise

 of greed and avarice


 Perchance Africa

 be poor and dirty

 perchance Africa

 be diseased

 why do West

 suck on Africa

 like witch on blood?


 why do Whites

 suck on Charcoal?


 Of value is rot

 to a kingly West

 fed by African dirt?

 Of value

 is first world countries

sitting on the barrel

 of firearm

 of third world countries


with iron fists?

 Of value

 is the fear

 of a misfire

 from a black gun?


African westernisation

 is the disease

 of blind Africa

 bullied by beggars

 of modern debacle


Ahunna Ejiogu©



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