The oldest cliché currently nauseating Nigeria is Madam Oby Ezekwesili and her Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) campaign.

Nigeria is deeply enwombed in her economic woes to stomach Madam Oby and her shenanigans.

Don’t get me wrong…

I am not stringing a metal heart on the missing Chibok Girls and their parents’ plight. They have my heartfelt condolences. And I wish I could be the psychic sponge to soak up all their anguishes. Sadly, my effort to wade into their matter, ‘tinily’ rests on my keyboard and the verbal pressure of my fingers to coerce the government to rescue the girls.

I am simply disgusted with the noise emanating from Madam Oby in this deafening time, when our earholes are grimacing from the loud economic hullabaloo drumming Nigeria down. Nigerians are drenched in severe suffrage and hardship to begin to entertain or get entertained by Madam Oby and her childish drama.

Madam Oby has made her noise locally and internationally (don’t forget she reported Jonathan to the International world using Al Jazeera). She inflamed a disdain of the Jonathan government. She schooled us on a hundred and one (101) reasons why Jonathan was a failure. We harkened to her noise and assisted her in tearing the Jonathan government into shreds. Nigerians even saw reasons with her to vote Buhari into power, hence he (Buhari) had promised during the elections, to return the Chibok Girls within few months of his resumption into office.

President Buhari not rescuing the Chibok Girls for the past one year and three months he resumed office, is a big disappointment and yet another discourse…

Now, if Madam Oby thinks we will join her once again in tearing the new government into shreds like she did the Jonathan government; then Madam had better got off the floor and walked home.

I do not care if Madam Oby was used as bait to destroy the Jonathan government, whether for reputable or notorious reasons; I do not care if she is currently, being used as bait by ‘herself’ or some other interests to attack the Buhari government; I do not even care about the open and hidden wars between the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) wherewith Madam Oby is stuck in the middle: All I do care about is the need for someone to please, tell Madam Oby Ezekwesili to grow up and stop whining like a stubborn child whose toy has been seized.

With all due respect, Madam Oby Ezekwesili of high repute is gradually stooping to a Political Charlatan. Madam must stop using pittance to attract political attention.

Judging by the records; Madam Oby’s children are not missing or kidnapped by Boko Haram. Madam Oby and her entire generation are not from Chibok; neither is she from Northern Nigeria. There are lots of vibrant, strong-willed women activists from the North who would have picked up the Chibok Girls’ plight as their favourite interest; why are the northern women activists not making their own noise? Why is Madam Oby so violently pushing this matter, like a daughter of hers were part of the ordeal? Why is Madam Oby mourning more than the bereaved? Funny enough, the Chibok parents seem to be less and less devoted to the BBOG campaign: You find them tagging along whenever Madam Oby rings her bell.

Notwithstanding, I really do appreciate Madam Oby’s Good Samaritan trait for carrying the weight of the missing girls on her shoulders. Perchance, on a moral note; her reward is in heaven.

As much as I do not wish to be overly judgemental, but Nigerians can see through the gimmick that, Madam Oby’s BBOG Campaign is a personal vendetta against the Nigerian government that has refused to acknowledge her political relevance. As alleged, this campaign was disguisedly used to fight the Jonathan government for neglecting her in the federal appointment largesse. Once again, allegedly, same campaign is being used to fight the Buhari government for obviously not offering her an appointment, after she had used her campaign to effect the presidential win for him.

Unfortunately for Madam, Buhari’s government is not a pushover like the Jonathan’s vulnerable government. The Buhari government is not having a large heart like the Jonathan government to suck up her caprices and excesses.

Forgive my bad humour; but it is laughable that Madam Oby pranced around like a Lioness, threatening to tear down Aso Rock and its occupants during the Jonathan government (which she succeeded in doing); but then, degradingly, resorted to sitting on the floor of Aso Rock like a defeated Pussy cat in the Buhari government.

Since the Buhari administration, Nigeria has been burdened with the Fulani herdsmen and their slaughtering of people in the South East (a region where Madam Oby is from). Now, if Madam Oby’s activistic inclinations and intentions were pure and holy; she would have since marched a campaign to Aso Rock to wrestle the federal government over the killings of her people by the Fulani herdsmen who are from the same region with Mr President. Or is her activism only restricted to the BBOG? Perhaps, if she had indulged in other abuse of human rights’ cases erupting since the emergence of the Buhari regime; then believe me, Nigeria would have taken her new BBOG drama with the present Nigerian government seriously.

As alleged, If she had ties with the APC to destroy the Jonathan government and probably, they have deceived her; that is her cup of tea. Nigerians do not want to be bothered if the tea served her is hot or cold.

The earlier Madam gets up from the floor and stopped expecting crumbs that fall off the presidential table; the earlier she weans of her waning popularity.

There is this old saying in Igbo that, “The owner of shame is not the mad man but his relations”, and I am beginning to wonder if Madam Oby is lacking friends and family members who should call her to order.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to watch the APC get a taste of the soured sauce it fed the PDP during the Jonathan government, using Madam Oby as the Laxative Cook.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) government should please for pete’s sake; find the Chibok Girls so that Nigeria can move on from this quagmire. Or perhaps, President Buhari could extend an ‘altruistic gesture’ in saving Nigeria from Madam Oby’s tantrums, by offering her an appointment (no matter how little the position) so that her appalling noise could fizzle out.

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